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Clash Royale Tricks And Hints
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Well, you can see the above screenshot which I’ve clicked on my Android device. You can see this message saying that this item isn’t available yet for my country. How do I play this now?

Well, the logic is quite simple than we thought before. I’ve thought that Supercell also developed some type of algorithm that would block other countries’ IP addresses but no. So, what we need is just the downloadable Clash Royale APK file.

Note: Download link for Clash Royale is available down the content. Scroll below to find the download links. Clash Royale Cheats

But no worries now, because I’ve found a way of playing Clash Royale without any problems. In fact, I downloaded the game just today and it’s gold, it’s awesome. So, I’ve entered the arena, you should too!

Steps of Playing Clash Royale on Non-released Countries

Now, you have to download Clash Royale and run the game like a boss, even not being a resident of those allowed countries.

  1. Download Clash Royale APK  from the download links below.
  2. You can’t download via Play Store because you aren’t allowed to download it from Supercell, so you need to download it via an external source, do go and download the game’s file for installing.
  3. Install Clash Royale like a boss.
  4. Time to play Clash Royale like a boss. Clash Royale Hack

Packing up: Playing Clash Royale on Android (Non-released countries)

I would like to throw the whole credit to Dinesh Vel, the founder of this blog and now the active clasher of Clash Royale. He was the one to poke me about the trick which got him Clash Royale on his Android device being from India, a country which Supercell didn’t release for.

Now, we would like to welcome to you to the arena of the awesome game by Supercell. It’s having only 1 downloads now on Google Play Store, that’s funny. But thousands are already playing the game, maybe it’ll reach a greater number if you share this piece of work.

Comment below to let me know how’s the game working and what you liked the most about Clash Royale. Enter the arena and start playing Clash Royale!