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Join interest groups and societies to make the most of all the extracurricular activities you can find within a large and diverse university community such as ours. You can find out a lot during this orientation week. A retired colleague of mine used to regularly say to new students at O-Week events like this one, if you leave university with only a degree, you've failed at university.

So given the many opportunities Curtin provides for you to connect, you have no excuses. Thanks very much. - Hi, my name is Andrew Stelbovics, and I'm the PVC for the Faculty of Science and Engineering. Let me begin by acknowledging the traditional learners of the land, the Noongar people, and pay respect to elders past and present.

We welcome you to the Curtin community and in particular, to the Faculty of Science and Engineering, a hub of innovation, technology, and the brightest minds. Now I don't mean parochially that our faculty has got the brightest minds. I mean at Curtin University, across all the faculties, you will find the brightest people. You are all academically talented, and you've made the decision to join a faculty which is recognised as the primary source of Western Australia's top science and engineering graduates.

As you take this first step in your higher education journey, we look forward to being co-partners in your quest to develop your knowledge, guiding you, inspiring you. After all, the brightest minds need inspiration by passion, fueled by curiosity, with the determination to make the world a better place.

I'm proud of the faculty's strong culture of innovation which encourages excellence, leads to strong relationships with government and industry, and provides opportunities to find solutions to today's most pressing challenges. Our academics are world renowned researchers who are here to support you through your time at the faculty in a myriad of different ways. Our aim is to build global graduates for the future.