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These allow you to exit the university with effectively
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These allow you to exit the university with effectively two qualifications and setting yourselves up for exciting careers that combine skills in diverse fields. For example, you could combine fine arts, journalism, internet studies, planning, et cetera with science, or business, or more.

We're working to develop additional double degrees that allow you to combine a qualification in education with, for example, a science degree, filling what is recognised as a need for an enhanced STEM education qualifications in the wider community. And you may have opportunities to transfer into those degrees as we build them on the base of what you start with.

Humanities' many connections into organisations and communities both locally and internationally provide opportunities for work-integrated learning. In addition to our Docker TV partnership, our partnership with the Noongar community in producing Noongar Dandjoo screening on NTV, just recently took out a major Australian learning and teaching award for programmes that enhance learning.

And last year, we signed agreements with a number of aboriginal community organisations around the state that provide work-integrated learning opportunities for a range of students across the faculty. We have students successful in winning New Colombo Plan Scholarships for teaching placements, internships, and study programmes in a range of countries.

And there are many more opportunities for mobility and chances to visit and study Curtin's other campuses that you really should look into and take the chances from. But remember that being at uni is not all about study, and you should take the opportunity to learn from many life experiences and different perspectives of your fellow students.