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In fact, the gameplay on the Switch is different than on the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. Only now does EA SPORTS introduce the team and player personalities to the handheld console. This means that the virtual kickers behave more often like their real role models.

This is not only true for players, but also for clubs. For example, in the Premier League games are characterized by high pressing . Accordingly, Manchester City will meet you with a different tactic in FIFA 19 than Hamburger SV. For the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC, EA SPORTS already implemented this feature with FIFA 18.

Switch version gets league overlays

In addition, there will be the transmission graphics on the Nintendo Switch with FIFA 19 coins for free. The Bundesliga and other major leagues get their own overlays (see picture). This feature has also been around for a few years on the other consoles.

New gameplay features from FIFA 19

However, switch players can also look forward to new gameplay features , which EA is now introducing for the other consoles as well. Thus, the revised shot mechanics and the completion timing become part of the handheld version. Specifically, this means that you get better control over the ball at the conclusion of FIFA 19 Coins and Points cheats. If you press the firing button once, you start. If you press the ball again a second time, the likelihood of putting the leather in the net is higher.