Teaching Resources for Politics Lecturers

Engaging young people in politics can be challenging, but it has never been more critical. Our society has seen a gradual decline in young people aged 18-24 voting at general elections, with only 43% turning out to vote in 2015 compared to 44% in 2010. It’s vital that the voice of our younger generations is heard, so when students do opt to study politics they need to be kept engaged and inspired during lectures.

Politics is an incredibly diverse topic, covering the theories and practices of power and governance, international relations and current affairs. Today’s university politics students could be tomorrow’s leaders of change, so bringing this complex subject to life in the lecture theatre and teaching politics with passion and energy is absolutely vital.

BBC Active Video for Learning can offer a wide range of high quality politics videos, which are invaluable politics teaching resources designed to engage and captivate students and bring these challenging topics to life.  Here are some examples of the powerful and informative politics videos on offer for your next university lecture:

Secret Pakistan

Secret Pakistan is a compelling series of video programmes focused on the investigation into how Pakistan’s government and intelligence agency helped to build the devastating insurgency in Afghanistan. This investigation follows the killing of Osama Bin Laden and examines Pakistan’s role in training and funding the Taliban. The videos contain shocking revelations that highlight Pakistan’s links to Al Qaeda and Afghanistan and incorporate both complex political issues and highly relevant current affairs. The individual episodes in this series are Double Cross and Backlash.

The Great Euro Crash

This current affairs and politics documentary raises some serious questions about Europe’s financial situation and asks how such a powerful continent was able to get into such a dire economic mess? BBC Business Editor Robert Peston examines the bigger picture of Europe’s economy, including the recent bail-outs of Greece, Ireland and Portugal, and takes a hard look at a currency in crisis. What, indeed, is the real cost of saving the euro and what does that mean for Europe? This is a fascinating documentary which will give students a highly informed overview from leading political and economic experts.

Memo from Machiavelli

This insightful documentary is a must-have for teaching politics to university students. The programme looks at how to succeed in British Politics and asks if the renowned and infamous teachings of Niccolo Machiavelli are relevant for our political situation today? The documentary includes insights from well-known British politicians. This is an invaluable politics teaching resource which examines the historical side of politics.

The Iraq War

This video will give politics students an insider’s look into Iraq’s descent into war. This captivating programme hears from top US, Iraqi and European political and military leaders as they convey the private talks, deals and clashes that took place as the threat of war developed. For the first time ever on television, this series interviews former members of Saddam Hussein’s regime who outline their experience of the dark journey into conflict. Episodes in The Iraq War series include Regime Change, After the Fall and It’s Hell, Mr President.

The Iraq War is an unmissable series created by award-winning documentary makers. This series will give students a real insight into the lasting impact of war and the political decisions made along the way.


The relationship between politicians and the power and influence of the media is a fascinating discussion topic for politics students. This series is an invaluable resource for teaching politics and highlights the terrifying power and dominance of the media in today’s world.

This documentary follows the journey of Rupert Murdoch’s extraordinary career, from his early beginnings to the creation of a global empire that dominates our political world. The programme reveals the secrets behind his phenomenal success and asks how one man was able to take control of global media and hold such power.

Ready Steady Trade

This compelling documentary will help students to engage with the complexities of global trading and the politics behind trading laws which can impact on millions of lives in developing countries. In this programme, Steve Bradshaw travels the world to speak first-hand to farmers producing a range of foods including tomatoes, sugar, coffee and honey and to find out how trade rules are impacting on their daily lives. These ingredients are taken back to celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson. The challenge is to cook the world’s most unfair meal with the world’s most unfairly traded ingredients, and along the way the plight of millions of the world’s poorest people is highlighted. This is a fascinating insight into the complexities of trade rules and the harsh realities of unfair trading that are taking place across the globe.

BBC Active Video for Learning provides a high quality and compelling range of educational videos that are designed to bring a wide range of topics to life. These videos are invaluable teaching resources to enhance your next class, lecture or workshop and to keep your students captivated and engaged. There are licences available for each title and all programmes are available in DVD format.