Ideas and resources to accompany our videos

BBC Active Video for Learning provides video for education and training in all sectors from history to mental health. Our wide selection of videos is used by teachers, university professors and health professionals. Learning through video is effective and engaging, and our powerful, high quality BBC video programmes are loved by students and educators alike.

In this resources section you will find a selection of useful tips for incorporating video into your learning. We don't think it is enough to merely provide first-rate programming and understand the need for guidance on its application in educational settings.

Video For The Classroom

BBC Active offers a wide selection on programmes covering a truly diverse and fascinating range of topics that are ideal for utilising in the classroom. Engage and fascinate children with learning resources from this collection.

  Videos For Teacher Training

Our selection of resources which focus on schools and teaching are perfect for demonstrating the experiences faced by teachers in a wide variety of schools and situations.


Business Training Videos

Titles such as Back to the Floor are available as part of BBC Active's training resources. This programme ideal for gaining insights from business leaders as the series follows top bosses heading back to the bottom of their companies to face their customers. 

  Resources For Child Protection Training

BBC Active offers a variety of programmes which are suitable for child protection training education purposes. The range of resources offer insights and understanding from a broad spectrum of people and professionals.

We would welcome feedback on the usefulness of what is contained here, please send us an email with your thoughts: If you like what you find, please share it with others.....and if not, tell us!