Discover the Secrets of Branding

Branding is one of the most critical parts of a successful business marketing strategy. A strong brand goes way beyond its visual logo or business name – it’s a set of associations that a consumer has with a particular product, and good brand identity can create an emotional relationship of trust, credibility and quality that carries immense power.

The secrets of branding are worth millions. Brands are sold not on the strength of individual products but on the power of the brand. Iconic brand Coca Cola is now worth £79 billion worldwide and Apple is worth a staggering £161 billion globally. With the global business world online and an increase in business competition from emerging new markets, strong brand identity is more important than ever before. A consistent, well thought out branding strategy is at the heart of successful business development. It’s never been more important to get branding right, and brand management should be a core topic when teaching about business or marketing.

BBC Active Video for Learning series, The Secrets of Branding asks the question, “What’s behind the label?” This fascinating and insightful series looks at how brands are first created and shares the insights of the world’s leading business entrepreneurs as to why some brands succeed and others don’t. The episodes examine some of the latest brand strategies and marketing techniques adopted across Europe and America which include the growing use of social media and the concept of augmented reality.


This series will help students to engage with the subject of corporate branding through listening to secret marketing tactics which have helped to develop the world’s most successful and well-known brands. The Secrets of Branding series consists of eight episodes designed to help students fully understand branding definition and strategies:

the secrets of branding

Power of Brands

This episode looks at the world’s most powerful brands, including Coca Cola and how advertising and marketing gurus have developed corporate branding to stay ahead of the market. Using established marketing strategies and techniques from America and Europe, this episode is an insightful look at the power of brands.



Developing a strong brand identity takes time and persistence to gain consumers’ trust and build up positive associations of credibility and quality. This episode delves deeper into established, historic brands and uses case studies to reveal branding tips.



With ever-increasing competition from the business market, innovation is a critical part of successful branding and marketing. This episode looks at how companies have used innovation to become leading global brands and stay ahead of the game.



The art of capturing attention is an age-old skill which has never been more important in today’s fast paced business world. This episode looks at the vital role that marketing plays in branding definition and promotion and reveals some secrets of brand marketing from top business professionals.


Going Global

Going Global looks at the impact that globalisation and the digital world has had on branding across the world. For a company’s branding to be able to compete on the fast-moving global stage it’s vital to have a long-term marketing vision. This episode examines how some of the world’s leading brands have successfully gone global.



In this episode, leading marketing experts discuss how brands have successfully developed and expanded to meet their growing business needs. The world of branding is ever-changing so company branding must continuously adapt to stay ahead of the market.



This episode looks at how an unexpected crisis can bring even the most powerful brand to its knees, and what steps can be taken to protect global brands from major reputational damage. Being prepared for a brand crisis is a vital part of developing a brand and marketing strategy.


Fostering brands

A major aspect of branding that can often be overlooked is the importance of nurturing and fostering each brand. Intellectual property rights must be considered and investment must be made to allow the brand to achieve its potential. This episode examines how different countries around the world nurture and protect their brands.


In our ever-changing global business market, brands must work harder than ever before to stand out from the crowd. Brand development is the foundation of successful business marketing and The Secrets of Branding series is a perfect visual learning aid for students. The case studies and industry tips from leading marketing experts working with some of the world’s most powerful brands bring this fascinating subject to life and keep the topics relevant and interesting.

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