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Today’s students expect information to be delivered in an engaging and stimulating way, so video can provide the ideal medium. Educational video content is accessible and memorable, and provides an alternative to traditional lecturer-led classroom teaching. Lecturers, teachers and trainers are turning to BBC educational video to provide quality learning material that captures the attention students, increases motivation and delivers real life examples of concepts.

Video can be used to reinforce reading material and promote discussion on key topics. As a means of teaching it is highly motivating and aids in the retention of course information. Through watching real world examples students find it much easier to comprehend difficult subjects and transfer what they have learnt to their own lives. Educational video accommodates a greater range of different learning styles: videos are excellent tools for demonstrating difficult concepts to visual as well as audio learners.

BBC Educational Video subject areas

Business video  
For business studies, video brings the complexities of business to life through real examples taken straight from the workplace. A student who has no experience of the business environment can start to visualise and gain an appreciation of the challenges in the relevant context.

business bbc educational videoBack to the Floor
Back to the Floor sees business executives leaving their privileged positions and private offices to go undercover as a new recruit on the frontline. They are forced to take orders from their underlings, and experience life at the sharp end. This BBC educational video offers a fascinating look at business issues and the importance of the customer facing staff: both in their role of customer service and in providing feedback to improve processes and working conditions.

History video
What better way to bring history to life than through video? Historical dramas offer a realistic and visual perception of life in previous eras. Video taken in the last century can be used to reflect the course of history and how much has changed. Educational history video makes the past accessible to today’s students.

History BBC educational video
China's Capitalist Revolution

This is the story of how communist China became a capitalist society. This history educational video features interviews with business leaders, government officials and ordinary people talking about how their lives have changed during China’s rapid transformation.

Science videos  
Video takes science out of the laboratory. It broadens the knowledge of science students by taking them to places that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to go. Students can see how science affects the daily lives of people all over the world and introduces memorable case studies. These are concepts which are difficult to demonstrate in the classroom. Here educational programmes act as the ideal medium to demonstrate to students the potential influence they can as scientists have in the real world.

The Cell BBC Science educational videoThe Cell
It’s only in the last few centuries we have discovered what life is made up. All living things are completely composed of cells - complex structures which make up our bodies and are called into play every time we breathe or move or think. A fascinating, historical look at how we discovered the inner workings of the cell – the most powerful story in science.

Technology video
Educational video can demonstrate how technology is employed all over the world. Students are able to see the environment in which the technology is being used, enabling them to gain a better understanding of users’ needs, and develop more creative solutions to problems.

Visions of the Future BBC video Visions of the Future
This BBC documentary looks at the impact of new technology on our lives. Science is changing extremely rapidly and will transform our lives in the near future. This presents us with some profound choices and challenges. Technology is bringing us many life changes, but their implications need to be considered very carefully.

Engineering video

Engineering is about the real world. Students need to see real examples of engineering projects and how these are implemented across the world in order to understand the challenges and opportunities. Educational documentaries allow them to view different engineering situations, without leaving their own classroom. This is an opportunity to expand their own experience and develop creative solutions to engineering problems.

Building Wonders BBC videoBuilding Wonders
This series looks at the great icons in history and how they were built. We find out what the motivations were for creating these great buildings, looking at the plans of the edifice and the subsequent engineering challenges faced by the team of architects, engineers and builders.

Medicine video
Educational video can bring the body to life. With a topic this complex, video can provide a welcome relief to textbooks, as well as visual representations of functions in the body. The world of learning about medicine is a world away from the reality in hospitals around the world, so documentaries can provide an insight into students’ future careers.

Kill or Cure BBC Active education videoKill or Cure
This is a look at the cutting edge of scientific medicine. This series looks at the easily treatable diseases that are killing thousands of people around the world every year, and examines how affordable and effective treatment can be brought to those in poor or developing countries.

Religion video

Religion is a complex subject which needs to be studied alongside the culture and living conditions of the country. If you do not understand the environment that a religion exists in, you cannot understand the needs and values of its believers. Educational video helps students to understand different religions, when placed in their social context. It provides case studies and personal anecdotes that we otherwise would not have access to.

Bible Mysteries BBC videoBible Mysteries
Bible Mysteries brings the Bible to life in this historical drama which combines re-entactment, CGI graphics and expert opinions. This programme from the BBC examines recently discovered archaeological evidence which sheds light on some of the Bible’s great secrets.

Literature video

Some teachers are concerned about letting the printed book take the back seat when video is used to teach literature. However educational video engages students and offers an alternative perspective on classic works of literature. Literature dramas can help students to visualise the historical context for the work, and makes the book much more memorable. It can also offer a welcome break from studying from the printed text.

Shakespeare in Italy BBC videoShakespeare in Italy

Shakespeare loves Italy and used it for a source of inspiration. This series is part travelogue, part literature documentary, part historical commentary on the great writer's works. We visit the most spectacular places in Italy and see the continuing influence that Shakespeare has on this country.

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